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Creative Concierge

As with any luxury concierge service, we do everything our clients ask of us, discreetly & to a highly professional standard, in a bespoke & personal manner. No request is too complex or too straightforward. Quality of Service is our mission, & the Hair, Fashion & Beauty industries are our areas of expertise.

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Who We Are

Select & seasoned industry professionals, we have each served our respective sectors - be that Creative, Events, Logistics, Media - for ten to twenty years. Combined, our experience is deep & broad, & we have in-house capabilities for most requests. For outside-the-norm ideas, we consult our little black book of curated suppliers.

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Event Production

Our reputation for vision, detail & execution of live events was hard-earned & is well established in the events industry. Just the way we want it. Production starts with a deep immersion into the brief, it is then sculpted in meticulous detail, & finally, it is served on-brand, on-time & on budget.

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Event Design

In our decades of experience, & from our passion for shows, we have seen time & again that a potent event experience must be designed from well-defined core goals. A clearly understood “Event Mission-Statement” becomes the mother of the event design process, and solid event DNA makes for selfconfident, coherent, holistic event experiences.

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Event Branding

Your event is where your work should be seen in its best light. Our vast UK & US stocks of bespoke aluminium SEG frames provide the best possible printing format to showcase hairlevel detail & the true colors of beauty. Impactful, precise & beautiful, on-brand design of Ultra-high definition fabric prints for show graphics, directional signage & VIP custom illuminated signage are all eye candies for your delegates.

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The finer details of event planning, considering the individual’s real-time experience, can make or break the success of an event. For the delegate, simple booking systems & registration processes, considered on-site human traffic flow, scheduling & hospitality are key to a good experience.

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No amount of good intention at a destination can undo a bad travel experience getting there. Whether in conjunction with an event, or as a bespoke service, our expertise in travel planning, flights, connections, land-travel & accommodations will get you where you want to be, without fuss, rested & ready to mingle.

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Screen Content

The path less traveled is the one most filled with new opportunities. Our creative department has a tireless curiosity in cutting edge technologies & seeks to innovate new uses for them for our client’s events. By pushing boundaries beyond manufacturer intentions, & powering work with the latest softwares running on the most powerful computers available, we generate unique visual experiences.

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Bespoke Presentations

PowerPoint limits have been pushed. It now requires expertise to impress. It takes years of live-show experience to understand how best to orchestrate a great presentation. We have these tools at your disposal to build expertly designed, technically impressive, & ruthlessly on-point presentations.

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Video Production

We offer a-la carte video production services, from conceptualizing & scripting, through production & direction, to post editing & mastering. We also know that a good budget can’t save a weak idea, & a tight budget won’t compromise a strong idea. We believe it’s worth developing the right approach, & that starts with conceptualizing & scripting.

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Music & Sound Production

The in-house composition & production of custom music & montages for video, soundtracks, catwalks & shows will not only give you heightened on-brand identity, there are also financial upsides. The investment will often recoup itself in side-stepped licensing challenges. Post-event social edits can extend the reach & impact of your shows & these, too, benefit from owning you music.

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Print Design & Production

Print & show collateral, with strong on-brand awareness & design flare is a staple of our design team. Effective literature for events & advertising requires strong concepts, vibrant color, punchy copy & logos. Print quality & the right choice of medium adds polish & elegance. We address each step meticulously.

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With partners (& our own storage depots) in Europe, the Middle East & the USA, our booth building capabilities are both global & efficient. We can deliver custom designed booths & full experiential expo’s including logistics, show planning & control of annual budgets.

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Talent Management

Knowing what talent is right for a show & its audience is as critical as knowing the ‘how’ of talent management. Finding & engaging with the right entertainment is the intuitive part - be they a world class band, guest speaker, top DJ, artist or entertainer. Booking, managing & creating a smooth lead-up is the key to a great performance & a great audience experience on the night.

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Few things scream “great show” more than great choreography. Bringing dancers & choreographers together, & ensuring their work sits within the context of the show, along-side the music, technology, & other talent, is one of the most satisfying elements of our portfolio achievements for our clients.

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Getting the right talent to the right place at the right time is half the work. Ensuring that Vanities have their needs met back-ofhouse ensures presenters look & feel their best. Enough product shipped, enough power provided, schedules thought through - these are the details that ensure great styling isn’t just a great idea.

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"Experiential" describes everything that eludes the above categories & is intended to give an attendee goose bumps: Bespoke wow-moments for engagement & social media opportunities. These out-of-the-box experiences receive no more love than we put into any of our services… but we admit the quirky nature of these things holds a special place in our hearts.

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